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Smack Essay

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Decision-Making Process
Many changes and turns fill our lives. Decisions allow individuals to navigate life in an easy and efficient manner. Although decisions help navigate life, the wrong decisions can be detrimental to just not the person’s life but also the lives of those in connection with the person. This paper will cover the steps in a decision-making process and how making the right choices will improve the whole outcome.
When relocating from the southern region of the United States to the northern region, an individual must put various degrees of thought and make sure that the decision to make the move will benefit the individuals of the family and not cause any harm to those same folks. When making a decision for the move, the Gaffney family ...view middle of the document...

There were several steps that the Gaffney family did not take into consideration when making such a large change in their lives. By following the steps in the decision making process, the Gaffney family identified and diagnosed the problem as living extremely far from family makes it hard to spend time and holidays with each other. They did not explore alternate solutions because no one works, and the schools were easy to transfer; but the family needed to ensure that they had enough money saved to make the move without putting any undue stress on any of the individuals in the family. Because schools were easy to transfer and the money was right for the move that made the choice to move very easy. The next step of finding a place to live once they made the move then became the hardest step. Finding a home hundreds of miles away creates tons of issues from not be able to see places, limited to apartment set ups, and ensuring that the landlord was willing to work with the situation. The last step is to assess the move and ensure that the move has not affected any family members adversely.
Decisions have an important place in everyone’s life. By using the decision making steps, the outcome of the Gaffney family’s move would not have been any different, but more thought would have gone into each steps. Using the stages of the decision making process, an individual can make good decisions and ensure that his life is going on the best course.


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