Slim To None Diet Essay

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Slim to None
Jessica Sommerville
Self-image is a huge part of our daily lives. The way we perceive ourselves reflects our emotions and actions towards others but more prominently, in most people’s lives, is the way others see us. Society has cornered us into believing that the people we see on T.V, celebrities etc. are the pure staples of how men and women are supposed to look. As time has progressed, not only has technology advanced, but so has self-consciousness. With the progression of our societies advancing more rapidly, the technologies we create to make our lives easier must also advance. This has pushed science to the limits creating many different ideas and materials that are able ...view middle of the document...

These diet programs which claim to do what they can to make you thin and also promise you certain results make even more money off of the anxiety and shame each individual feels about them. Overall, although advancements in technology have been refined and improvised because of our consumer needs, the way of reshaping our bodies because of being fed advertising lies may still be the true underlying problem with how we see ourselves physically.
Secondly, because of our constant need for a quicker solution to the problem, certain diet pills have been created in order to aid us in losing weight. Many different pills, medications and diuretics have been created in order to help those who want to lose weight a quicker way which totally negates healthy eating and physical activity. This is simply taking some sort of “short cut” which does not promote any other sort of way to lose weight. An analogy of this situation (using diet pills) is the grandma feeding her little grandson chocolate cake and then asking why he is so fat. It is contradictory in itself to say the least where most people consuming these expensive pills are not changing any other part of their lifestyle to lose weight and become healthy. They are still eating unhealthy, remaining sedentary, smoking, drinking etc. The fact is, there is no pill which will just give you results that people are searching for physically. Again, not only is this not healthy but the excessive money which is being put into this form of weight loss can be devastating.
Finally, the most detrimental aspect with respects to dieting in today’s society is the social aspect which follows each type of dieting procedure. This may be indirectly controlled by technological...

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