Slicing The Competition Essay

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Slicing the Competition


Nothing can compare to a home cooked meal, no matter how rapidly. With many working long hours to stay afloat, the thought of sweating in a hot kitchen is often placed on the back burner. According to the Pew Research Center, about 50 million Americans consume fast food each year. Among the leading fast food chains are Pizza Hut and Dominos. This is the microwave age, so it is all about “the quicker, the better.” Both Pizza Hut and Dominos are famous for their deliciously meaty pies, side dishes, and desserts. They may share similarities, but there are significant difference setting these pizza powerhouses ...view middle of the document...

Not to be outdone, Dominos also offers more than meat and crust. Side dishes of pastas and breads are also available with this company. One difference in the two menus is Dominos offers sandwiches. For those watching their figure, the company also provides grilled chicken or ham pizzas and a calo-o-meter which comes in handy when counting calories. Similar to Pizza Hut, Dominos also prides itself on using only the best ingredients. In addition to this, the company also lists each ingredient used and its allergen association.
Concerning the perfect pizza, success begins at the bottom. A piece of dough is the foundation of a delicious pizza. At Pizza Hut, one can select to have his or her dough hand tossed, think and crispy, or pan dough. Pizza Hut is also known for its pan dough because it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. A pizza’s sauce is equally essential. For most of its pies, Pizza Hut uses a traditional tomato sauce. However, for its Ultimate Cheese Lovers pizza, an Alfredo Sauce is used. Toppings are a pizza’s last WOW factor. In addition to 100% real cheese, toppings of ham, mushrooms, jalapenos, and even anchovies can be added to create a Pizza Hut masterpiece. Likewise, Dominos also has the hand tossed and thin crust options. What makes Dominos different from Pizza Hut is the company offers Brooklyn or Gluten Free crusts. Pertaining to sauce, Dominos offers the same choices as Pizza Hut, an Alfredo or marinara sauce. In contrast, some of Dominos toppings, are a bit upscale. Spinach, parmesan-asigo cheese, and green Chile peppers are just a few.
Nowadays, many Americans are on a budget, so price is often a factor. Pizza Hut offers different deals and coupons to its customers throughout the week. One deal the company has is its carryout special. From Monday until Thursday, customers can receive a medium two topping pizza for less than eight dollars. Another deal is the boxed meals. Customers can choose between a regular dinner box or a big dinner box. For ten dollars, a customer can receive a boxed meal with one pizza, breadsticks, and a dessert. For an additional ten dollars, the big box meal features two pizzas, breadsticks, and a choice of either pasta or wings. Pizza Hut has also dedicated a whole day to one customer favorite. Wednesdays are dedicated to wings. For just 50 cents each, customers can feast on their choice of about nine different wing combinations. Identical to its counterpart, Dominos also offers a medium pizza carryout special for the same price and on the same days. Although Pizza Hut and Dominos offer the same carryout special, there are some deals offered by Dominos and not Pizza Hut. Domino’s allows the customer to choose two or more items for only $5.99. Some of the items available oven baked sandwiches, pasta in a dish, or boneless chicken. One other menu special Dominos offers that Pizza Hut does not is two medium pizzas with two toppings for less than sixteen dollars.
Even though their...

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