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Sleep Deprivation, Disorders & Drugs Essay

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Sleep deprivation is the disruption of a person sleeping patterns. It can be caused due to stress, sickness, and change of regime in a daily life. There are some people who can live with lack of sleep and not have any effects. There are other people who have bad effects and cannot function with lack of sleep. I myself need as much sleep as I can get.
There was a time there for 8 months that I would spend my Friday and Saturday nights as a karaoke host. Typically I would not be home until 2 to 2:30 in the morning. On these days I would either have to get up for work or go cook breakfast for the organization that I belong to. There have been other times that I could just not get to sleep ...view middle of the document...

In order for his mind to shut off he has to sometimes take a sleeping aid to help him. His sleeping disorder is caused by his PTSD. He has flash back to the thing that happen to him while he was aboard a Navy ship. His side effect of his lack of stress was depression. When he should have been awake during the day he would try to sleep. His blood pressure was high as well as he was mass over weight. He had on going anxiety.
High blood pressure, depression, and anxiety is just some of the side effects of a person that has gone without sleep. Stress and chemical imbalance is a cause of a person to not sleep. There are some people whose brain does not shut down. Everyday stress can be the cause or they may have really high energy levels where they must be going all the time.
Our bodies need to have sleep to heal. When we are sick we sleep. The reason being is so that we can repair what is wrong. If we are not able to sleep the required about of time need we run the risk of getting sick easier. We run the risk of not handling stress well and out our self in jeopardy of having a break down or in a fight. The ability to use our brain is lacking. Obesity is a big part of not having the proper sleep. It plays with the hormones of the body. We do not process blood sugar well when our metabolism is low. We...

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