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Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Sleep Deprivation
Psy / 240
Alexander Raftice
August 23, 2013

I can say that the one time that I have had very little sleep is when I did this project in my high school psychology class where I deprived my body of sleep for four whole days. The way it affected my mood was really unpredictable. One moment I would be fine and happy others I would be irritable to a fault. Anyways the first day I was fine and functioned well the whole next day. On day two I started to slur my speech and had issues staying awake so I was getting irritable because I was tired. The third day I felt completely numb in side and nothing could seem to reach through the haze I was in and ...view middle of the document...

Shift work forces you to try to sleep when activities around you - and your own "biological rhythms" - signal you to be awake. One study shows that shift workers are two to five times more likely than employees with regular, daytime hours to fall asleep on the job. Traveling also disrupts sleep, especially jet lag and traveling across several time zones. This can upset your biological or “circadian” rhythms. Environmental factors such as a room that's too hot or cold, too noisy or too brightly lit can be a barrier to sound sleep. And interruptions from children or other family members can also disrupt sleep. Other influences to pay attention to are the comfort and size of your bed and the habits of your sleep partner. If you have to lie beside someone who has different sleep preferences, snores, can't fall or stay asleep, or has other sleep difficulties, it often becomes your problem too! Having a 24/7 lifestyle can also interrupt regular sleep patterns: the global economy that includes round the clock industries working to beat the competition; widespread use of nonstop automated systems to communicate and an increase in shift work makes for sleeping at regular times difficult. According to sleep researchers, a night's sleep is divided into five continually shifting stages, defined by types of brain waves that reflect either lighter or deeper sleep. Toward morning, there is an increase in rapid eye movement, or REM sleep, when...

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