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Slaves In America Essay

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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge
Joanne Jean-Francois
Sunday January 29, 2012

I want to start off this paper by saying that I am a chocolate lover and if I can eat it after every meal without gaining a pound that’s exactly what I would do. I have heard of Ethel’s Chocolate but had no idea that they had a chocolate lounge located in United States better yet in Chicago, which according to their website has been closed. Every year for the past 4 years on Valentines’ Day I will receive some of Ethel’s Chocolate delivered at my job by my husband. Based on this study Ethel’s Chocolate lounges are chocolate or candy based restaurants created by the Mars Corporation and has made modifications to ...view middle of the document...

If you decide to dine at Ethel’s lounge it’s because there are not a lot of products and experiences to compare it with but the basic knowledge of what the lounge offers. Quite frequently the decision making will be based on what my want is at that time.
2) Discus the factors that influence a consumer to spend money at Ethel’s.
One the factors that influence a consumer to spend more money and time at Ethel’s is the fact, in my opinion is the fact that you get to socialize with others. To me it is like going to a night lounge to hang out with friends and maybe meet some new ones but the only difference is chocolate is your drink. Even though Ethel’s appears to be an upscale chocolate lounge geared towards a certain class. I believed that they would attract upper and middle class consumers as customers as oppose to the lower class. The other factor is the attractiveness of the lounge with the over-stuffed sofas and chairs with pink and brown color with a variety of the right beverages for pairing with the chocolate, which include hot chocolates, coffees, teas, sparkling beverages, juices and water. This makes for an inviting environment for women to chat over chocolates. The other factor like I mentioned it in the...

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