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Slavery Essay

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Slavery Slavery was one of the underlining causes of the Civil War. The south believed slavery was a necessity for growing and harvesting such crops or cotton. However, there were people that fought against slavery such as the abolitionists.Abolitionists are people who wanted to end slavery. The Underground Railroad was a secret route for runaway slaves. This secret route lead from the north to Canada, so slaves could reach freedom. Harriet Stowe wrote the anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin and William Garrison was editor of the anti-slavery newspaper called The Liberator. David Wilmot suggested that there should be no slavery in ...view middle of the document...

These slaves usually picked cotton, rice, indigo, or tobacco. Others worked in houses, mines, or even factories. Almost all slave lived in a drafty one - room cabin with two or more families living together. The slave's owners beat, whipped, or killed slaves if they wished. No slave was taught how to read, or write, and couldn't marry, vote, or leave the plantation without permission.In the period of 1820-1860, the number of slaves in Alabama leaped from 41,000 "" 435,000 and Mississippi from 32,000 "" 436,000. In the same period, the increase of Virginia was only 425,000 "" 490,000. Between 1840-1860, according to the same estimates, 410,000 slaves moved from the upper south to the cotton states.In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president without southern votes. Abraham Lincoln promised not to interfere with slavery in the south states in which it existed but no southerners believed him.The Civil War was mostly about slavery and slaves fighting to be free. Some slaves from the south actually fought against the south with the north just so they could be free and live like normal human beings today. It is amazing how much the amount of slaves between the years 1820 "" 1860 grew. Some owners had up to forty-fifty slaves just working in their fields. Slavery in the south was a necessity to them because they had such large crops they needed slaves to work for them to pick cotton, chop down corn, and other crops. Slavery just ended about one hundred forty years ago, and slavery hasn't existed since.

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