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Slam The Hate Essay

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Slam the Hate was an event held at The Barn at UCR on Saturday November 17, 2012 from 6- 10 pm. The event was advertised as an “evening of spoken work and music by queer and trans performers of color, LGBTQ community resources, food and community building.” The event was sponsored by UCR’s Associated Students Program Board, Resident Hall Association, Diversity Initiatives, LGBT Resource Center, KUCR 33.3 FM, and by “Prism” of La Sierra University. The event did not start until around 7:30pm with performers such as Crystal Cheatham, J Mase III, Emotions, and Regie Cabico.
When the event began, Rebecca Kem of La Sierra University took the opportunity to thank UCR for allowing the event to be ...view middle of the document...

Even though she still signs about defiance, she also sings about the stigma about being a lesbian while practicing Christianity and being able to love God openly. People who practice certain religions are usually taught that it is a sin to be homosexual. In her heart, she believed that people of all religions should be okay to be who they are anywhere in the world. It is scary to come out about your sexuality when it is considered taboo, so she sings about support for those who are not as privileged as her to have support. Her goal is to bring awareness in hopes to prevent suicidal people who think that is their only choice when the world that surrounds them rejects them. She sang Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” beautifully because not many love songs are featured on the radio that are from women to women. This stuck on my mind because it is one of those little issues that are quickly overseen because of the United States stands for its patriarchy.
Domaine Javier was also a guest speaker who was featured on MTV’s “True Life: I’m Passing As Someone I’m Not.”...

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