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Skin Deep Essay

641 words - 3 pages

Arlaina Reeves
Prof. Vega
ENC 1101
30 October 2014

Skin Deep
Different skin tones get certain privileges than others. Back in the days “Whites” (Caucasian) didn’t really care for “Blacks” (African-Americans). They bought them over from Africa as slaves treated them poorly and sold them off as if they were nothing. People today in certain parts of the world African-American people are looked down upon and judged because of the color of their skin. Racism is a very powerful word and it has a disturbing meaning behind it. Of course, everyone interrupts this word differently so there are different meanings.
According to the dictionary, racism has three different meanings. The first being, a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various humanraces determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving ...view middle of the document...

Racism was popular in the 1800s and early to mid-1900s. Yes it still exist but not as much as it used to be. As stated earlier back in days the whites use to sell blacks and use them as maids and caregivers for their children. They basically used them as slaves and if the blacks ran away or did not do as they were either beaten, tortured, or worse killed. Blacks did not have any rights back then no say so in anything. They had to refer to their owners as either Mr. & Mrs. or master. The meaning is deeper it was based on history.
There are so many historical racism events that took place. Not only against African-Americans but the Jews and Vietnamese. The word is not only a meaning is it an action. When someone is racist they tend to do harm to those who they don’t like. Not too long ago two or three years ago a young man named of Trayvon Martin was walking home from the store with a hoodie on with a pack of skittles and a can of Arizona tea and a racist man killed him for no reason because of the color of his skin. The young man was visiting his father, he was a well-known young man in school a cool, outgoing, good all-around student. He didn’t have a record, children, and he never harmed anyone. And of course, the case was brought to court the murder was let off. Clearly, racism isn’t recognized when it does occur now.
In a nut shell, racism may have a history behind it and it may have a different meaning to everyone but it does still hurt everyone who it affects. The affect that racism has on people is very harmful. Not only has it occurred multiple times in the last two or three years but it has been a change effect on other states in the US. Cops are killing blacks for no reason now, even though they did that back then it’s as if the past is entering into the now. All the people that died trying to fight for peace and equal rights for everyone continue to have died in vain do to what is currently going on in the world today.

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