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Skeletons In The Closet Essay

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Skeletons is the Closet
The case begins with David Fisher, and Donna Cooper, exploring in the archives for nostalgic items to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of GPC. The two happen across a series of love letters which implied that the formula of Parkelite, was in fact stolen.
In the world of competition, the reputation of your company is paramount. Ironically, General Parkelite Company (GPC) founded itself upon the quality of its work it produces. Should GPC be completely honest when this discovery was found or kept it public?
GPC is regarded for its honesty, integrity , and a deeply entrenched culture of good work ethic. This is the foundation of GPC’s strength and is felt on every level of the organization. These are the companies values and they ...view middle of the document...

The name GPC would be subject to bad publicity, as well as its image. Sales could potentially drop if there are many close substitutes causing lay offs and potentially further decline until the end of GPC’s existence. Competitors have the potential to gain sales and new customers.
However, given how long ago this situation occurred, some rational people may overlook the fact that it happened long ago. Loyal customers may in fact remain loyal as they know that the current generation had nothing to do with being dishonest if the information is brought to light.
In my opinion, I believe GPC should not go public with the discovery of the new information. They should keep quiet and protect the name and reputation of the company. I’ve always thought of a company as an old ship. A captain at its helm, makes the difficult, frustrating decisions, which only seem to get more difficult as time progresses. There are many ships that fail because of a bad captain, or deciding to voyage for the wrong vision, mission or objectives, but it is the captain’s responsibility to steer clear of corruption to make the best decisions for all his stakeholders.
The captain of this ship, Parker, must decide what is best for the company, employees, shareholders, and his own family name. What is best for his company, may not be the best for others. GPC’s competitive advantage lays in the invention at stake. The patent that GPC has is the advantage that it has over its competitors.
Ethically, they should go public, but at the same time, they should not do anything. As the manager of a large company, it is your job to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Moreover, it is the manager’s responsibility to protect their company and should do anything to protect their long time customers.

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