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Six Sigma Case Essay

1033 words - 5 pages

| |Name |Position |
|Who: |W.James McNerney |Former CEO of 3M |
| |George Buckley |Current CEO of 3M |
|Facts ...view middle of the document...

| |Buckley: |
| |Bring back the legendary innovative spirit of 3M, preserving the operating efficiencies that McNerney created. |
|When: |2001~2005; After 2005 |
|A. |Immediate |Basic |
|Issues | | |
| |Main issue: Six Sigma approach boosts earnings, sacrificing creativity but makes up for it in consistency. |
|B. |Apply frameworks and tools |
|Case Data Analysis | |
| |1. What will be the benefits, costs, and risks of the Six Sigma program, and how will they tracked and reported? |
| |Benefits: |
| |Decreasing the cost: This could be easily measured as you could just compare before and after Six Sigma and could be tracked by the |
| |financial department. |
| |Increasing customer satisfaction: This could be measured through focus groups or surveys. |
| |Energize the organization: This could be measured by increasing sales and cash flow. |
| |Attract new investors because of high performance on making profits: This could be measured by the stock market price. |
| |Strengthen management |
| |Costs: |
| |The time and focus it takes to put this...

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