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Six Little Things That Make A Huge Difference

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Pointers to Ponder, Part II
March 23, 2011

Last edition I shared with you three of the little things that make a huge difference in our lives.
After contemplating all the many things that came to mind, I finally narrowed my list down to what I believe to be the six little things that make a big difference. I did not include money in my list because I have seen how money can subtly deceive people and cause them to be so engulfed in it to the point of not having time for others. The first three little things that make such a huge difference on my list are: saying Masha Danki ....Thank You, Showing Kindness, and Listening Attentively.

Today, I am presenting the other three little things that make a big difference.
4. Give sincere praise.
Just about everyone I meet and know appreciates being appreciated, though how they prefer it to be expressed varies. But in general, and with very few exceptions, an honest compliment is something that is always welcome. Sincere ...view middle of the document...

Practice Good manners.
Good manners are the lubricant for all social involvements. They oil the machine of humanity. Using good manners conveys respect, both for self and for others. I know, we have lost the sense of respect for each other today. It seems that especially young people consider respect old fashion or something to be shunned. Civility in conversation allows everyone the opportunity to express themselves fully and be heard. The use of good manners allows you to engage in meaningful conversation. Good manners are the foundation of polite society, and politeness can be both charming and disarming. You can use good manners and social graces to win the heart of someone you love, court a client, ease your way with authority. Good manners will open many doors of opportunity for you. Good manners will set you far above the rest and cause others to be drawn to you as a model and example. The sixth little thing that makes a huge difference is:

6. Share.
Whether it's your pastechis or your time, share. Everyone reading this article right now has something to share, some talent, some time, some money, some compassion, and some fun that they could share with others. We live in an abundant Universe, with plenty for everyone, if we'd only share. You know God who made the universe gave us the best example of sharing; He shared His only Son with the world. He shared Him so that we may be spared eternal damnation.
Today we rejoice in the prospect of Heaven because of what He shared with the world! Now we need to follow suit and begin to share with others. Share with everyone, the choller, the derelict, the nice person and the needy child, the organization struggling to accomplish their noble goal...share, share! It is definitely one of the little things that make a huge difference!

Now you have them, 6 little things that make a huge difference in the lives of people and in your own life. These 6 things will revolutionize your life and set you apart from the rest of the crowd.
They will bring immeasurable satisfaction and blessing to you and they will do wonders for those with whom you interact everyday at home and in your daily contacts on the job and on the street.
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