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Situation Analysis

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Situation Analysis
ESP guitar is popular brand in the market, company now concentrates new market group, high technology of electric guitar. ESP have a few competitors or almost never have it in this market that is why ESP focus on it because ESP want to be the leader in this way, and our product is new. Company believes that it become popular product exactly.

Market Summary
In fact, there is a lot of guitar brand in market such as Gibson, Fender, PRS, Godin, Dean, Jackson, Framus, etc. Each brand usually focus on own design, sound and good material, all guitar brand try to convince popular guitarist to become its brand ambassadress so that company will be able to manufacture signature guitar of brand ambassadress. It helps company to attract consumer who crazy about brand ambassadress. Anyway, this strategy is used for a long time, we will use technology combine with guitar to be a leader in this way because most company ...view middle of the document...

Gibson is the biggest competitor, and Fender is very popular in the market as well. Both is high-end guitar’s brand and collected by guitar collector, but they both manufacture regular guitar only. In the other hands, ESP guitar will combine new idea with electric guitar in order to generate attraction and interest of consumer who are sick of normal guitar. There is no one that has combined electric guitar with effect guitar before, ESP guitar will combine new idea with guitar and develop our product so that we will be the leading high technology guitar in the world. Most consumers will think of Gibson and Fender when they think of regular guitar. In the other hands, they will think of ESP guitar when they think of high technology guitar.

Product (Service) Offering
All technology in the world is developed all the time, But Technology of electric guitar pretty fall behind if you compare with other things. It now is paid more attention to set new idea into the electric guitar. For example, Gibson debut its electric guitar that can tune by itself, this is origin of developing guitar but not seriously. After that, there is no any company do like this. ESP guitar will concentrate to this market group in order to become the leading high technology guitar in the market. ESP sets effect guitar with electric guitar to attract guitarist who is looking for convenient guitar and more portable. It help consumer to bring guitar anywhere easily, and consumers do not carry a lot of stuff.

Keys to Success
Nowadays, most guitarists have to bring guitar and effect guitar case when they go playing at the friend’s house or has a concert, but ESP guitar set effect guitar into electric guitar, it is very convenient and much more portable. Guitarists do not ever bring effect guitar case, they just bring ESP guitar and can play anywhere.

Critical Issues
ESP will distribute through company and organization that has potential and well- known because consumer have to make sure about service, reliability and responsibility. ESP guitar distribute through popular online website, and big retailer and well-known, Guitar center. Both is reliable and make a big confidence for consumer. Both of company is the right choice.

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