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Site Security Survey Essay

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1. Entry Barriers 3
2 Signs 5
3. Lighting 6
4. Windows 7
5. Equipment Near Street Level Windows 8
6. Interior Patrol Visibility 9
7. Burglary Resistant Glazing Materials 9
8. Shrubbery 10
9. Skylights 10
10. Vents 10
11. Air Conditioners 11
12. Grills and Gratings 11
13. Doors and Door Frames 12
14. Strikes 14
15. Key Control 15
16. Equipment Locks 15
17. Hinge Protection 16
18. Roof Accessibility 17
19. Fences 18
20. Vehicle Security 19
21. Padlocks 19
22. Hasps 20
23. Chains 20
24. Safes 21
25. Inventories ...view middle of the document...

|Always have at least one person in the reception area. If there is no one available to watch over the area, lock all entries to |
| |prevent unauthorized entry. |
| | |
|4. |Never leave one employee isolated in an unsecured area. |
| | |
|5. |Escort visitors in areas containing equipment and/or records not under constant surveillance. |
| | |
|6. |Employees should offer to escort visitors entering the facility. |
| | |
|7. |Have one employee and an alternate responsible for locking all doors, windows, gates, vehicles, and setting alarms in each work |
| |area. |
| | |
|8. |Post nonpublic areas and encourage employees to inquire about strangers in these areas. |
| | |
|9. |Encourage employees to keep doors closed, keep valuables out of sight, and to lock desks, files, and other storage compartments |
| |before leaving. |
| | |
| 10. |Lock inner office areas from the exterior side. |
| | |
|11. |Install an electrical access control system on the reception area door. |
| | ...

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