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Site Inspection For Event Planning Essay

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Event Description
After consulting with our clients, it was determined that the bride and groom wanted a wedding to rival all weddings. They had an ideal budget, but were willing to be flexible if it meant having the wedding of their dreams. The main focus for the bride and groom was their theme, A Winter Wonderland. For the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom wanted to be outdoors with a beautiful backdrop. Following the ceremony, they wanted to host a cocktail hour, adjacent to the ceremony, but leading into the reception hall. As for the reception, the bride and groom envisioned falling snow, fog, blue lighting, drapes, and chiavari chairs. The location ...view middle of the document...

Restaurants located offsite may include: Red Brick Pizza, Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops, Thai Thani, Red Lobster, and Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse.
III. Accessibility
Due to the hotel being located on large golf course, public transportation is not easily accessible, however guest with private vehicles will have the ability to self-park or valet park on the property. Self-park is $20 per night and valet parking is $25 per night.
IV. Property Description
The location was chosen because of how well it balances stellar recreation with sophisticated style. The property offers approximately 15,696 square feet of ballroom space and approximately 20,000 square feet of outdoor reception space. Not to mention, the ceremonial areas are secluded from regular hotel activities.
The overall décor of the hotel is immaculate. Driving up to the grounds, you will notice manicured landscaping and sculptures. Once you walk through the entrance guest are greeted by high ceilings with crown molding and crystal chandlers. There are fresh florals on almost every table and fresh plants in each corner. The entire premises was clean and functional for all guest. There were even directional signs on each wall to help navigate guest around the property.
V. Property Amenities
The Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes Hotel has property amenities like no other. Between the two hotels, guest can enjoy a number of recreational options to include: an 18-hole, par-72 golf course, aerobics, bicycle rentals, pilates classes, volleyball, hiking trails, basketball, playground, fitness center, kayak eco tours, tennis courts, and spa.
Guest will have dining options to include: Norman’s, a fine dining restaurant, Fairways Pub, The Lobby Lounge, Blue poolside restaurant, Vitale Café, and Highball & Harvest Restaurant and Bar for some southern-inspired cuisine. Between the dining, bar, and lounges, guest will be able to find something on property until 12AM daily.
There are three pools on property, a resort pool, private spa lap pool, and a lazy river at the adjacent JW Marriott. The resort pool and lazy river are accessible from dawn to dust, whereas the spa pool is only available for spa guest and closes with spa hours, 9AM to 7PM daily. The fitness center is open daily from 5AM to 10PM. There is a business center on property that is accessible by guest room keys. For a fee guest can access Wi-Fi from their rooms or in any public area at no cost. And lastly, there is a Ritz-Carlton Signature Shop featuring logo apparel and a wide array of gift items.
VI. Function Space
The Da Vinci Terrace and Lawn provide a great functional space for any outdoor wedding ceremony. The area has a square area of 5,200/483 and can accommodate the number of guest. Surrounding the area are tall bamboo and tropical trees. The Citrus Garden is great for the cocktail hour, being that it is located directly outside the...

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