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Sir William Osler Essay

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He was born in Bond Head, Canada West (now Ontario), raised largely in Dundas, Ontario. As he grew into manhood, his aim was the ministry and to that end he entered Trinity College, Toronto in the autumn of 1867. However, his chief interest proved to be medicine and, forsaking his original intention, he enrolled in the Toronto School of Medicine. This was a proprietary, or privately owned, institution (not to be confused with the Medical Faculty of the University of Toronto), which was then not active as a teaching body. After two years at the Toronto School of Medicine , Osler came to McGill University in Montreal where he obtained his medical degree (MDCM) in 1872.Osler subsequently taught ...view middle of the document...

Sir William and Lady Osler's ashes rest there among his beloved books.Perhaps Osler's greatest contribution to medicine was the establishment of the medical residency program, an idea that spread across the country and remains in place today in most training hospitals. Through this system, doctors in training make up much of the Hospital's medical staff. The success of his residency system depended, in large part, on its pyramidal structure with interns, fewer assistant residents and a single chief resident, who originally occupied that position for years.Osler also instituted another first by getting his medical students to the bedside early in their training; by their third year they were taking patient histories, performing physicals and doing lab tests examining secretions, blood and excreta instead of sitting in a lecture hall, dutifully taking notes. He diminished the role of didactic lectures and once said he hoped his tombstone would say only, "He brought medical students into the wards for bedside teaching."Osler played an interesting role in the history of aging in the United States. He is known in the field of gerontology for his famous speach upon entry into Oxford as their Regis Professor of...

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