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Sir Robert Peel Essay

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Sir Robert Peel is known in the books as the founder of the first form of an English police department: the London Metropolitan Police. This was after his London Metropolitan Police Act passed in 1829, giving greater power to the English police force and establishing what he is known for today. Peels ideas were very well defined and offered a lot to policing even up to modern day. To understand the impact of this, we must take a look at Peel's act, and know how it would change policing.
Peel was Home Secretary of England when his act passed in 1929. Sir Peel’s mission in creating his police force was to establish control on crime. He wanted to obtain this through crime prevention. Thus far, ...view middle of the document...

Sir Peel’s nine principles addressed many of the factors that are considered in a “good” police department today. Some of these factors were those such as crime prevention, approval by public, physical force limitation and ability, and (equivalent to) community policing strategies. Peel stressed the importance of gaining public approval and assistance against fighting crime as the most important aspect to an effective and successful department. He would do this through his idea of community oriented policing, which involved officers getting in touch with the community in hopes of forming good relations. If these relations are formed, the public is more trusting of law enforcement, and much more willing to provide information and report incidents to them. These ideas were revolutionary for the time period, being that these were very different from what was established as policing during earlier time periods (watch systems, unprofessional attitudes, etc).
Peel also developed some attributes officers in a department should strive to have in order to maintain a code of ethics. He defined things such...

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