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Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Case Study

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Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Case Study
Strayer University
Beverly Jetter
Leadership and Organizational Behavior – BUS 520
Asst. Dean/Professor Christopher McGrath

Describe Branson’s leadership style in terms of the leadership models addressed in Chapters 10 and 11 and evaluate the likely effectiveness of that style in the U.S. today.
Leadership Model addressed in Chapter 10 and 11 must balance various roles to implement an effective workplace while still focusing on the one primary vision of the organization. As a leader, one must express knowledge, information and instructions that are needed to ensure the effectiveness of the organization. ...view middle of the document...

4. Be a good leader.
5. Be visible (Branson, 2010).
With these five secrets Sir Richard Branson mentions, your organization will grow and all who has association with your organization. Sir Branson’s bases his leadership styles and characteristics on three simple down-to-earth rules; smile - everything gets much easier if you show a friendly face, have fun at work, and believe in your ideas, employees and colleagues (Walenius, 2011, par. 16).
Another area that Branson feels is important to being a good leader is that you must also be a really good listener. Besides knowing your own mind, you need to know what is going on the minds of those around you. One of the core components of transformational leadership is that of individualized consideration. What that means is the leader will attend to all of the employees needs or concerns and he will be a mentor and coach to them as well. Branson and other leaders like him usually will employ first and build customer base next, and the last thing he would do would be to employ the shareholders. The logic behind this is when an employee is happy, they will do a better job which in returns makes the customers happy which makes the business more fun to handle and thus better business means more money for stockers.
The transformational leadership model is intellectual stimulation. In this area the leader will challenge assumptions, they take more risk, and they will solicit the employee’s ideas. Branson never likes to say no to any new ideas as proposal. He used these ideas to guide him, but he also wants a lot of his own intuition, if he feels it has been well informed, he will trust it because he feels that it is impossible to run business without taking any risk.
The transformational leadership model is inspirational motivation. In this component the leader will guide the employee’s with a since of meaning, but will also have challenges for them. Branson is one that will treat people as human beings and says that it is important to do so especially when companies get bigger, when Branson or any leader, manager, or owner begins to feel they have made lots of money, they feel comfortable, they don’t need anyone’s help, that’s when their company or organization will begin to be a trick for failure.
Recommend a different leadership style (or combination of styles) that would make Branson an even more effective leader.
The Charismatic leadership model is recommended to make Sir Richard Branson a more effective leader. Charismatic leaders are people that are usually considered heroes, they are seen to have social power, and they seem to have a remarkable ability to distill great value in people, they inspire trust, faith and belief in their followers and employees. “In terms of details, their theory hypothesizes that charismatic leadership transforms followers self-concept and achieves its motivational outcomes through at least four mechanism:
1. Changing followers...

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