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Sins By Silence Essay

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Sins by Silence

Sins by silence
This is a film about women who killed their husbands because of heated passion, prolonged abuse physical and mental. It offers a unique gateway that touches the lives of women who have experienced tragedy in their lives’ worst-case scenarios. These women have committed heinous crimes by killing their abusive husbands. Getting rid of abusive husbands is morally wrong and does not conquer with ethical standards as far as the society is concerned. A good alternative would be to get a divorce or separation where each party would go separate ways without bothering the other. Moreover, there are several solutions of dealing with an abusive husband. One of ...view middle of the document...

The women who kill their husbands might have not been enlightened on the positive ways of dealing with anger as well as stress. When anger and stress are well managed, there can never be negative consequences to either side. This is because the victims are able to reason soberly and logically before formulating a corrective action.
The film engages the viewers into a trip from victims to survivors where it reveals the history of Battered Women Syndrome in California. It strives to spark awareness to individuals on the silent tragedy of domestic violence. At the same time, it inspires individuals to connect with organizations that offer advocacy services. The victims are advised to take their daily activities to improve their individual lives and community at large. This is a better and effective approach undertaken by this film. Diverting ones mind from the victimization to self-independence is an effective strategy. Honestly speaking, women need to engage in productive activities that will involve their thoughts and mind completely thereby helping them forget about the worst they have experienced. This would help them seize from making unreasonable decisions that might create other bigger problems to their lives. The involvement to other activities will also enable them become financially independent and stable. This will enable them deal with the abusive husbands in a more logical manner that does not include killing. Moreover, they end up developing the community through their engagement in social projects. Women with no financial base are helpless and therefore, become principle...

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