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Singleness Essay

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SOC 323 - Marriage and the Family

November 13 , 2011

In this paper I will discuss the movie "27 Dresses" and depict how singleness was portrayed in the movie and my opinions on singleness. I will explain how the experience of the main characters singleness was negative and positive and how successful and non-successful she was in this movie.

Always a bridesmaid never a bride, is the main thought depicted in the movie, "27 Dresses." This movie shows its audience a single young woman, Jane, who has served as a bridesmaid twenty-seven times and yet wrestles with the prospect of supporting her younger sister's wedding as being the ...view middle of the document...

Jane was already fighting the fact of her younger sister getting married before her and this was not because Jane was an old spinster but that it deemed to be traditional for the older sister to get married first. Age did play a role in this because of the feeling of love from a man that Jane wanted but her younger sister was getting instead. Plus another issue was Jane's hopeless love for her sister's fiancé. Personally, I believe her "love" for her sister's fiancé was because he portrayed the perfect prince charming and was always respectful of Jane in a businesslike manner and she wanted it to be more deeper but wasn't sure how she wanted him to love her.
She had three advantages of being single and that was the freedom to live her life her way that she wanted to, not having to be responsible of anyone other than herself, and being able to continue on in her career. But there also probed three disadvantages. The fact that even though she loved what she did as a career, it always left her as the bridesmaid and coming home at night to an empty home. Her personal needs of being wanted and cared for were not being met and she was unable to express her true feelings or release her stress because some people would not take it the right way. Sometimes having that soul mate means everything in the world because that one person...

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