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Single Window Essay

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• One unfortunate major bottleneck in the growth of real estate industry is the inadequate and under-equipped government/regulatory agencies with overlapping regulatory jurisdiction ‘approving´ Plans.

• Efficient regulation starts with a uniform building code and its uniform implementation. Forty-three economies globally have adopted uniform construction rules. Generally, a central authority makes the rules and local authorities implement them. When regulations are not organized and not clearly applied, it leads to confusion for builders and authorities about how to proceed. This often leads to delays and uncertainty

• The deteriorating housing affordability is the result of more restrictive land use regulations adopted by governments with insufficient attention to economic fundamentals. It is estimated that out of ...view middle of the document...

The Act came into force with effect from 22nd June 2002.

• A one-stop shop can be organized in different ways. These one-stop shops improve the organization of the review process by better coordinating the efforts of different agencies. That way, more resources can be devoted to safety checks rather than to paperwork.

• For review and monitoring of Single Window Progress, different committees are constituted at various levels. They are

 District Level Committee, under the Chairmanship of District Collector
 . State level Single Window Clearance Committee under the Chairman of Department of Industries
 Empowered committee under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary
 State board under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister in which all concerned ministers are members

• District Level and State Level committees meets once in a fortnight and the Empowered Committee and State Board meets once in a month. It is mandatory on the part of the members to attend the meeting personally with relevant information.
• Once all compliances as per check list is done, office shall issue commencement certificate for construction.

To alleviate the problems of the small scale entrepreneurs, in obtaining clearances, for setting up their industries, from various departments / Board / statutory authorities, town and Country Planning Department Public Health Department ,Fire Service Department, Labour Department Pollution Control Board Electricity Board Local Body.

• Making housing affordable by reduction of sale price.
• Increase in the housing stock.
• Removal of corruption.
• To raise the growth of Gross Domestic Product.
• Increasing the revenue and reducing the administrative cost of central, state and local government.

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