Single Sexed School And Co Educated Schools

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Single sexed schools and co-educated schools hold great value, but it can be argued that single sexed schools are better than co-educated schools in terms of the different learning styles of girls and boys. Both genders learn differently and if they are not provided the best opportunity to learn well, then they may not be able to excel to their full ability. Single sexed schools also provide more opportunities for students which may not be available for students in co-educated schools due to gender differences and what people think should be only offered to a certain gender. Further, co-educated schools have believed to provide the skill of comfortably communicating with the opposite sex. ...view middle of the document...

Thus the adaption of the different learning styles in single sexed schools exemplifies that single sexed schools are better than co-educated schools.
Co-educated schools have been believed to provide the skill of comfortably communicating with the opposite sex. Co-educated schools believe that the absence of the opposite sex in single sexed schools makes them vulnerable in the work place, as they are believed as incapable with working with the opposite gender. This is untrue, single sexed school students also talk to the other sex. The opposite sex in schools may even be a distraction, boys will start trying to impress a girl rather than focussing on their work and getting the highest mark possible, while girl might spend more time concentrating on boys and may forget about fulfilling their major responsibilities. Further, there is nothing special that co-educated schools provide to create the false impression that going to a co-educated school means that students can leave with the ability to talk to the opposite gender comfortably. Single sexed schools provide just as many opportunities to interact with the other sex so they can learn to talk, and be with them. Consequently, single sexed schools are better than co-educated schools as they can help students interact with the other sex without making them a distraction.
More opportunities are swayed around in single sexed schools varying from extra curriculum...

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