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Singapore Tradenet: Beyond Tradenet To The Intelligent Island

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Singapore TradeNet: Beyond TradeNet to the Intelligent Island

1. Discuss project and cultural dimensions of Tradenet.  Are there differences with the Intelligent Island?

| Project Dimensions | |
Parameters | Team Members | Stakeholders | |
Locations | 6 | 6 | |
Languages | 2 | 6 | |
Time Zones | 3 | 10 | |
Cultures | 6 | 15 | |
Organizations | 6 | 15 | |
| Singapore | 8 | UTC + |
Asia | Myanmar (Burma) | 6.5 | |
| India | 5.5 | |
| China | 8 | |
| Vietnam | 7 | |
Europe | Germany | 1 | |
| France | 1 | |
| Switzerland | 1 | |
| UK | 0 | |
| Australia | 9.5 | |
| New Zealand | 12 | |
| Indonesia | 8 | |
| Malasya | 8 ...view middle of the document...

Then Singapore took this advantage and learned good strategies and developed their economic status.

3.  Would its new technology vision drive Singapore to the future world it envisioned? Explain.

The World is constantly changing and for one to keep at a competitive position in the market one needs to keep re-designing and evolving either at the same pace the World does or even faster. Personally I think that Singapore was in the right political status, position, willingness and availability at the right and precise moment for them to grow and evolve as they did 30 years back. Due to the fact that Singapore wants to evolve into a developed nation by exploiting IT extensively and therefore enhance its economic competitiveness and quality of life. Also wants to become a global hub and offer services to many countries but at the same time does not want to adapt their culture and expose it in order to customize and cope with their customers. Then, how can it compete? Another downfall to succeed as they did previously, is that nowadays people are far more educated and earn more, so it is more difficult to compete with other countries were labor is lower than in Singapore.

4.  Would the business infrastructure that Singapore had so carefully constructed over the last 30 years serve it in the next 30 years? Explain.

The winning company is the one that is able to obtain the best information in a timely manner and apply it in the production of its goods or services. Technology is something that changes every second. You need to constantly keep adapting and evolving. Although it is true that what helped Singapore initially was the willingness and ability of the people to learn and adapt quickly, now won’t be helpful since they are being restricted and limited to learn from external influences in both social and political development.

5.  What new roles, expertise, skills, and infrastructure would Singapore need?

Singapore would need to increment drastically in the number of engineers, IT and software savvy’s in order to be able to compete and satisfy customer’s needs and demands. Therefore, they had to increase the educational institutions to educate their population and only hire professionals outside of Singapore the least possible. Also, they needed to start innovating in the IT and software industry in order to start exporting and being leaders and hence dominate the industry and earn more.

6.  What lessons learned from building business infrastructure in the past can be used for building a new information infrastructure for the future?

I would recommend a thorough and deep analysis on what is...

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