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Singapore To China Essay

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Denia Estrada
April 3, 2016

Case Study 8: Just Another Move to China? The impact of international assignments on the expatriate families
The MacDougall Family

When it comes to jobs across countries, moving from place to place, financial status and other common factors that help to affect a decision, family and the way you raise your children does affect your decisions. Both Lisa and Lachlan hold a valuable resource that majority of multi-national firms wish employees had, family mobility. The ability to get up and move from country to country without really hesitating on the decision. The MacDougall family knew that once they finished a project, they were on to the next. They never really planned to “permanently” stay in one location. Both ...view middle of the document...

Reflecting on her dual-career trailing spouse journey, she made the correct choices because she first help raised their children. Once they got to a certain age, she began to pursue her own goals. Her career was also able to move from place to place because she was doing research. Instead of waiting so long to go back to school, while I was staying at home, I would have gone back to school either online or on campus part time while my kids were in school. She waited a long time to go back and finish what she had started back in Sydney. It is understandable to feel like you don’t port for your family, especially if your finances all come from your husband. However, carrying for the children and doing things for the home are also very important and can greatly affect the dynamic of a house. It must also be hard to adjust from culture to culture. Having to adapt to a new language, new way of dressing, speaking, learning a new language, has to be hard, especially on the girls that were so young. You also have to be willing to move. In her shoes, that decision would have been hard because you have to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. You also have to be willing to uproot your entire family and start fresh.
From the article, Emily was born in Singapore. Lisa had also secured an employment in Singapore. The family also had permanent residencies in Singapore. Moving to China was a big change considering majority of their roots were in Singapore. The problems seen for Amelia and Emily are that they are older now. They see more changes in their lifestyle because now they are attending school. Growing up in a different environment then what you are used to, does have psychological effects. You are going to attend a new school, make new friend, and learn a new language.

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