Singapore: The Ultimate Destination Essay

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Danielle See English 7 Oct 08, 2012
7-Rizal Ms. Padel
Singapore: The Ultimate Vacation Destination
“ We may be small, but we have high hopes and big dreams and so long as we are a little red dot in the middle of Southeast Asia, let people know thet we are a people who will keep on trying and never say die. And with this spririt, the future is ours to make.” ...view middle of the document...

Kopi Tiam or White Coffee , they will drink, to
prepare them for the long day ahead of them. As you continue to walk through their streets, you
will smell the street food vendors are selling to the locals. Their local street food is not only
yummy, but cheap too!

Singapore is not just full of delicious aromas, it is also filled with lively sounds! From
about 6 in the morning, until 8 at night, you will hear these businessmen talking in their very
modern gadgets. Singaporeans are very hardworking people, working until the sun goes down.
At about 4 in the afternoon You will hear the laughter and voices of tired yet happy students that
are riding the bus home by themselves. You would probably be thinking, “What? Riding buses
home, alone?”, I will answer you with a big yes. Singapore is a very safe place. Then wait for a
little while, and watch the sun go down first, then you will hear the clinking of wine glasses in
the fancy restaurants all around the city. Singapore is a very grand city, with fine restaurants here
and there.
Singapore is a very fun city with wonderful sites all over the...

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