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Singapore Separation Essay

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LKY (Rong Xuan): -stares awkwardly at the headlines of a newspaper nearby that reads “Singapore is out”- Sigh...I guess this could not be prevented. Perhaps it was fate that we had to separate and fate for Singapore to be independent, a chance for us to prove ourselves to the world. Even so, it really saddens me that this merger no longer exists and that Malaya and Singapore are no longer one people, one country. I think that one of the most important factors was the racial tension between the people. I mean, how is one country to prosper if its citizens cannot get along?
GKS (Sining): Yes and I think that the racial riots in July 1964 evidently displayed the severity of the racial tensions ...view middle of the document...

JA (Yanqi) : Well then, Mr Lee, you made a promise that you would not interfere in Malaysian politics, but now it seems that you have never kept this promise. For instance, candidates in the Peninsula were placed in the April 1964 General Elections to instigate the Chinese population in Malaysia to support the PAP, when the understanding was that the PAP should limit its political activities just to Singapore.
TAR: Yes, precisely. It wasn’t merely an offhanded promise, Mr Lee, you even signed an agreement with me on black and white. As a politician you UMNO-backed Singapore Alliance Party in the 1963 Singapore state elections to try and oust the People's Action Party despite the fact that we had an agreement not to do so. Isn’t this unfair to us in the state elections?
TAR: This was because you did not care for the Malays in Singapore and we had to step in to ensure they were getting the treatment they deserved. They realized the truth of how PAP mistreated them afterawhile and that can be seen in how your party received the lowest vote ever that year. Blame yourself for neglecting your people.
TCC (Lydia): I also remember announcing publicly that Singapore and Malaya will not fight each other socially and politically for the next two years. However, soon after the agreement, on October 1964, the leader of the Singapore Alliance Party stated that the party will be undergoing a major...

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