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An Introduction
The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported (WHO, 2007b) that an amount RM13.53 trillion (US$4.1 trillion x 3.3) spent worldwide on healthcare industry. This massive amount of spending is due to the number of disease and sickness arises daily with the rise of health cost globally. Country like Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and other various South-East Asia countries has their own healthcare system for the people living in their country.
As for Singapore, a country that was formed after the separation from Malaysia in 1965 the healthcare is mainly under their Ministry of Health and was ranked six the best by the World Health Organisation in 2006.
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45 million people (September 2013) is a challenged for the government to provide the best medical services for everybody.
Asia Health Pattern : Singapore Mudanoran
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The Singapore Health System
The philosophy of the Singapore Ministry of Health is to ensure a quality and affordable basic medical services for everybody where the systems is design so that everyone that came from various income and status can benefits a timely, cost-effective and seamless manner in healthcare.
The systems comprises of five cores of elements that is the Healthcare Services and Facilities; Healthcare Regulation; Quality and Innovation; Medical Directory; and Healthcare Financing.
Healthcare Services and Facilities
As the objective of the health services is to promote health, prevent and reduce illness, as long as all the people have access to good and affordable healthcare, the Singapore government segmented their services to :-
i) The Primary Healthcare Services – where these services are provided by professionals; usually general practitioners in polyclinics and private medical clinics within the community. These professionals are often the first point of contact with patients.
ii) The Hospital Services – Singapore has eight public hospitals comprising six General Hospitals, a Women's and Children's Hospital, and a Psychiatry Hospital. The General Hospitals provide multi-disciplinary inpatient and specialist outpatient services, 24-hour emergency departments. They also had six national specialty centers which provide services to accommodate cancer, cardiac, eye, skin, neuroscience and dental care.
iii) Dental Services – a public dental service are available at the National Dental Centre and in some polyclinics and hospitals. The Singapore Health Promotion Board also focuses on preventive dentistry, where they mainly targeted school pupils.
iv) The Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC) – is services that cater a continuing care facilities for patients who are no longer required the level of care dispensed by a hospital, but still required a continued care. The Residential ILTC is for patients, who stay in the medical facilities day-night, and the Community-Based ILTC is a center-based or home based healthcare services that provided to the patients during the day only, partially like a day-care nursing.
Asia Health Pattern : Singapore Mudanoran
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v) Support Services – is a services for hospitals and healthcare in the area of forensic pathology, pharmaceutical and blood transfusion services.
vi) Legislations – where the Ministry of Health established and monitors the legislations as to guarantee good and best health services given to the citizens where broad policy guidance often takes as the form of Statutory Acts. These covers also the allocation of resources, clinical outcome and profesional standards are achieve along with the related policies.
vii) The Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM) –...

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