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Singapore Airlines Leadership Essay

1669 words - 7 pages

Singapore Airline Case Study

Grand Canyon University

Professor: Dr. Kimberly Bennett

March 25th, 2015

Singapore Airlines Case Study
Singapore Airlines (SIA) is the national airline of Singapore which has achieved growth and success over the years due to the strength of the brand name and industry leading innovations and excellent customer service. Airline operation and quality of service (QOS) is the main contribution of SIA dominance in airline industry. Challenging economy forced SIA to change business or operational strategy in order to be survival and competitive. To combat the threat of competitor’s and surviving in a challenging environment, SIA is taking ...view middle of the document...

By means of its vertical integration and constant renewal of its fleet, it is able to bring down the cost of maintenance by using its subsidiaries’ services and also improving fuel efficiency with new technologies in its modern fleet, thereby reducing fuel costs. Singapore Airlines differentiates itself by putting itself in the premium level providing top notch services from flight and cabin crews through its own recruitment and training to serve customers with the highest standards paying special attention to details. It has also included advanced in-flight entertainment services and in-flight meals that involve world-renowned chefs.
Singapore airlines deals with thousands of passengers every single day, QOS shows when one situation arises, dealing with that certain situation, it is compared, related and confirmed with previous history and events to ensure the most swift and efficient response and action. In terms of one of their main pillars of customer service, treating customers as employers rather than nuisances, they excel on service. I personally see an issue with gender employment non-equality and age discrimination among cabin crew and employment at SIA in general. Even though women and their presence are the driving force in SIA advertising champagne, women are not treated with the same level of respect as men who can retire at 62 compared to women who must retire by 35, given the hope they can even find a job in a department within the airlines which is somewhat difficult.

SIA Promotional Strategy
The aggressive branding of its “Singapore Girl” image should be upheld as it has proved that, it is a unique part of Singapore Airlines over the years, in providing top-notch service to its customers. In addition, SIA thrives on its stringent recruitment followed by training and developing the staffs holistically, so that they are always ready to serve, even the most demanding passenger onboard. I don’t see the advertisement as sexist or exploitation of Asian women or women in general.
Although, image used by the Airlines ‘Singapore Girl’ has been criticized by the group Association for Women for Action and Research (AWARE), as they feel that women have been projected as sex objects which tarnishes the image of women in the society by spreading a negative influence among people indicating that women are subservient and submissive. I in fact, absolutely disagree with AWARE assessment. To me the image comes across as Asian women are caring, accommodating, gentle and friendly. “Singapore Girl” captures the essence of friendly skies and champions it, it shows in SIA QOS.
SIA heavily relies on macro environment as part of its strategic management, since it is an international airline and is exposed to wider range of treats and rules/regulations. SIA has higher depreciation expense, thus Singapore’s taxes are significantly lower which helps balance the net income. This is justified by their strategy of higher turnover in planes due...

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