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Singapore 50 Video Review

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1. How do audience and purpose affect the structure and content of "Singapore at 50: Learning How to Speak Singlish"?
The audiences of this video are mainly Foreigners and Singaporeans. The purpose of it is to introduce Singlish and to emphasize the importance of Singlish to Singaporeans for celebrating Singapore at 50. Due to the audience and purpose, the content of this video is basically to show the wise use of Singlish in Singapore and to prove the presence of Singlish is significant ...view middle of the document...

The structure of the video is simple. First, it was presented with a girl buying coffee in a local shop by speaking Singlish. Then, the girl walked around to interview some local people about their favorite Singlish words. Next, the girl had a short chat with a Linguist about the Singlish. At last, the girl stated that Singaporeans are proud of speaking Singlish. The structure was built up in a way that could clearly show the content of daily use of Singlish and the pride of Singaporeans towards Singlish. So the audience could understand that Singlish is not a bad form of English. It is a unique language to the Singaporeans and they love and feel proud of using it.

2. How do culture and context shape the language and meaning of "Singapore at 50: Learning How to Speak Singlish"?
The context of this video is the modern society in Singapore and the culture revealed in this video is the local culture of Singapore which is speaking Singlish. Singpore has 4 offical languages which are English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Singlish is a result of diversity contacts of different cutlures and languages. This shapes the unique phenoemeon of speaking Singlish between the Singaporenas. Due to the culture and context, the video records and emphasizes the daily use of Singlish to show the meaning of Singlish is important as an indispensable part of Singapore culture.

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