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Simulation Strategy Essay

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Team D Strategy for Simulation 2
Team D’s strategy for the next simulation will be to buy large quantities of raw material and produce maximum amounts of product in the first quarter to meet maximum capacity. Furthermore, we plan to invest in marketing at around 3%. Our marketing tactic will be to invest marketing expense into two products per geographical area, so that each geographical area will have two highly marketed products. In our second quarter, we will watch the sales reports and inventory levels closely. When our resources are low we will replenish our inventories to reach capacity levels so that we do not lose money on interest charges that are related to inventory costs. We ...view middle of the document...

We feel this approach will promote teamwork, and in turn increase our sales and profits. As far as our MacEwan education goes, we have a diverse team. In our team we have different individuals specializing in Accounting, Management, Supply Chain Management and International Business. Therefore, as a group we have decided to give each of the transactions to individuals who we deem fit for the job based on each individual’s practical as well as theoretical knowledge for the task.
When we combine the business strategy with the communication strategy outlined above we believe we will attain a greater level of success than we did in the previous simulation. Assigning specific tasks to individuals with specialized knowledge will allow for a more synergistic group, which will perform better. The task assignment will be as follows: Accounting Transactions will fall to the Accounting Major with their specialization in financial activities within an organization. Operational transactions will be shared by the Management Majors, as they are specialized in the day to day activities of an organization. The Supply Chain major will handle the Reporting Transactions since they best understand how the inputs of the organization are supplied. Decision transactions will be the responsibility of the International Major, as they understand how best to manipulate price and product depending on market responses. Having assigned these roles, it is important to...

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