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Simulation Essay

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While the Federal government’s investment in treatment and research is helping
people with HIV/AIDS live longer and more productive lives, HIV continues to
spread at a staggering national rate. The latest incidence data from the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates nationally there were 48,100 new
HIV infections in 2009. The graph below depicts the HIV/AIDS epidemic in
Louisiana through 2010 according the Louisiana Department of Health and
Hospitals. Note that the following HIV/AIDS statistics only represent a portion of
the epidemic in the U.S.—those cases that have been both confirmed through
testing and reported.
Reported AIDS ...view middle of the document...

Health Resources &
Services Admin
Health Resources &
Services Admin


Health & Human
Health & Human
Health & Human
Health & Human
Health & Human
Housing & Urban

Health Resources &
Services Admin
Health Resources &
Services Admin
Health Resources &
Services Admin
Health Resources &
Services Admin
Health Resources &
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Office of HIV/AIDS


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided Louisiana with
$11,354,669 for HIV prevention programs in 2010. These funds were allocated to
state and local health departments and community-based organizations to finance
counseling, testing programs, health education/risk reduction activities, and
surveillance/ monitoring programs.iv
Ryan White CARE Act
The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act, enacted
in 1990 and reauthorized in 1996, 2000, 2006, and 2009 is the centerpiece of the
federal government’s efforts to improve the quality and availability of care for
medically underserved individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. The CARE
Act, administered by the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Health Resources and Services
Administration, provides funding to states, territories, and other public and pri vate
nonprofit entities to develop, organize, coordinate, and operate more effective and
cost-efficient systems for the delivery of essential health care and support services
to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Last Updated: July 21, 2011

Part A – Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) and Transitional Grant Areas
(TGAS): Part A provides funding to Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) and
Transitional Grant Areas (TGAs), areas that are disproportionately affected by
the HIV epidemic. To be considered EMAs, metropolitan areas must have more
than 2,000 cumulative AIDS cases over the last five-years and a population of
50,000 or more. Cities are considered TGAs if they have at least 1,000, but not
more than 1,999, cumulative AIDS cases in the last five years, and a population
of 50,000 or more.
Louisiana received $11,640,670 in Part A funding in FY 2010. $7,557,633 went
to its EMA (New Orleans) and $4,083,037 went to its TGA (Baton Rouge).v

Part B – States and Territories: Part B helps state health departments improve
the quality, availability, and organization of HIV health care and support
services. In additional to base grant, Part B funds support the AIDS Drug
Assistance Program (ADAP) which provides medications to individual s with low
income, the Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI), and Supplemental Grants for
Emerging Communities (EC), cities reporting between 500 and 1,999 cumulative
AIDS cases in the past five years.
In FY 2010, the state received $25,490,136 in CARE Act Part...

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