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Simple Network Design Essay

1746 words - 7 pages


IP Address Allocation for hosts
Building A-2 subnets
Building A-2 hosts International Office, College of Engineering and Science. Requiring a total of 7 subnets with 40 hosts per subnet
See Attached Table for first 8 subnets
Total range –
1st –
Each subnet contains 60 useable IP Addresses.
Building A-1 subnets
Building A-1 hosts HR and Finance departments with 70 hosts each and a host total 140
Total range –

Campus B subnets
Campus B hosts the Training Centre.
See Attached Table for first 100 subnets.
Each subnet contains 125 usable IP Addresses.
Total range – ...view middle of the document...

CampusA1 (config-router) # network
CampusA1 (config-router) # ver 2
CampusA1 (config-router) # end

Router Campus A-2
CampusA2> enab
CampusA2# conf t
CampusA2 (config) # int f0/0
CampusA2 (config-if) # no shut
CampusA2 (config-if) # exi
CampusA2 (config) # int f0/0.103
CampusA2 (config-subif) # encapsulation dot1Q 103
CampusA2 (config-subif) # ip address
CampusA2 (config-subif) # exi
CampusA2 (config) # int f0/0.104
CampusA2 (config-subif) # encapsulation dot1Q 104
CampusA2 (config-subif) # ip address
CampusA2 (config-subif) # exi
CampusA2 (config) # int s0/0/0
CampusA2 (config-if) # ip address
CampusA2 (config-if) # no shut
CampusA2 (config-if) # exi
CampusA2 (config) # int s0/0/1
CampusA2 (config-if) # ip address
CampusA2 (config-if) # clock rate 64000
CampusA2 (config-if) # no shut
CampusA2 (config-if) # exi
CampusA2 (config) # router rip
CampusA2 (config-router) # network
CampusA2 (config-router) # network
CampusA2 (config-router) # ver 2
CampusA2 (config-router) # end

Router Campus B
CampusB> enab
CampusB# conf t
CampusB (config) # int f0/0
CampusB (config-if) # no shut
CampusB (config-if) # exi
CampusB (config) # int f0/0.298
CampusB (config-subif) # encapsulation dot1Q 298
CampusB (config-subif) # ip address
CampusB (config-subif) # exi
CampusB (config) # int f0/0.299
CampusB (config-subif) # encapsulation dot1Q 299
CampusB (config-subif) # ip address
CampusB (config-subif) # exi
CampusB (config) # int s0/0/0
CampusB (config-if) # ip address
CampusB (config-if) # no shut
CampusB (config-if) # exi
CampusB (config) # int s0/0/1
CampusB (config-if) # ip address
CampusB (config-if) # no shut
CampusB (config-if) # exi
CampusB (config) # int s0/1/0
CampusB (config-if) # ip address
CampusB (config-if) # clock rate 64000
CampusB (config-if) # no shut
CampusB (config-if) # exi
CampusB (config) # router rip
CampusB (config-router) # network
CampusB (config-router) # network
CampusB (config-router) # ver 2
CampusB (config-router) # end

Router Campus C

CampusC> enab
CampusC# conf t
CampusC (config) # int f0/0
CampusC (config-if) # no shut
CampusC (config-if) # exi
CampusC (config) # int f0/0.304
CampusC (config-subif) # encapsulation dot1Q 304
CampusC (config-subif) # ip address
CampusC (config-subif) # exi
CampusC (config) # int f0/0.305
CampusC (config-subif) # encapsulation dot1Q 305
CampusC (config-subif) # ip address
CampusC (config-subif) # exi
CampusC (config) # int f0/0.309
CampusC (config-subif) # encapsulation dot1Q 309
CampusC (config-subif) #...

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