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Similarities And Differences In 2 Stories

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English 21

Topic #1

The adult and child relationship between the story “A Mother in Mannville” and the story “Thank You Ma’am” is that both characters in both stories have build an unexpected relationship that brings two strangers close. Both stories have their differences and similarities that will make both stories very interesting. Overall I think “A Mother in Mannville” ended in a sad way, therefore I don’t think it has a successful ending. In “Thank You Ma’am” the ending was satisfying; therefore I think it was a successful story.

In a “Mother in Mannville” and the story “Thank You Ma’am” both characters build a unexpected relationship that brings the characters close. In “A Mother in Mannville” the man who hires Jerry notices something special about the boy. “Integrity, The word means something special to me , and the quality for which I use it is a ...view middle of the document...

“Then I understood my distress, I was filled with a passion, I was filled with a passionate resentment that any women should go away and leave her son.” In the story “Thank You Ma’am” the lady and the boy build a relationship because the lady has simply been in his position as a child. “I have done things I would not tell you, Son neither tell God if he didn’t already know.” She fills sympathy for the boy because he has no one at home to care or watch over him. Both stories show how a unexpected relationship build between both characters in both stories.

There is similarities and differences between both stories. The similarities are that in “Thank You Ma’am” and in “A Mother in Mannville” the focus of both stories is that there’s a young little boy that has no family to care or look over them. This being so in “Thank You Ma’am” Mrs. Jones feels sympathy for the young boy and in “Mother in Mannville” the man fills hurt and upset for the fact Jerry’s mother abandoned him in a orphanage. Also it seems that in both stories the little boys are liars because Jerry lies about having a mother and Roger lies that he wasn’t aiming on stealing Mrs. Jones purse. The difference between both stories is that in “Than You Ma’am” the boy is a street rebellious kid and in “Mother in Mannville” Jerry is a kindhearted orphan boy.

I don’t think both stories are successful. “A Mother in Mannville” ended sadly after finding out that the boy really did not have a mother, but was making her up all along. I didn’t think it was successful because the man who was the only person Jerry had was planning to move far away, and Jerry will stay alone. In the story “Thank You Ma’am” I fill like it was a successful because Mrs. Jones showed she cared for Robert who was a complete stranger to her. I think Mrs. Jones Knocked some sense into him; he wanted to be trusted by Mrs. Jones. “But the boy took care to sit on the far side of the room, away from the purse, where he thought she could easily see him out of the corner of her eye if she wanted to.”

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