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Silent Voices Essay

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Silent Voices

Since the beginning of time women, have taken on many intricate roles. These roles are often unnoticed or are part of an unspoken code. Women have played a major role in the development of greatness, but will often go unrecognized for their input, effort and involvement. Many times the role of a woman asked her to take a back seat to men’s work and not be in the fore front. It was not important for women to be educated, for they were not made to be leaders, creators, commanders or organizers. Sister Flowers by Maya Angelou and I Want a Wife by Judy Brady bring light to the dynamics of a woman and the many ...view middle of the document...

(Angelou 1969)
I Want a Wife by Judy Brady is a self-reflective essay told by a wife. After encountering an old friend who is looking for a new wife, it sparks the thought of all the many roles a wife fills. It shares the thought of a wife belonging to a special class of people that has the responsibility of building and maintaining a foundation for others. In this role, a wife becomes a nurturer, a provider and a supporter as clearly stated when the author writes “ I want a wife who takes care of the children when they are sick, a wife who arranges to be around when the children need special care, because, of course, I cannot miss class at school.”(Brady 1971) This essay speaks on the success that one may experience after becoming educated. A wife has the ability to empower, encourage and stimulate a desire within herself and others that can manifest into greatness. This essay shares a view of all the behind the scenes roles that a woman is expected to fulfill in addition to her own sense of being.
The similarities of these essays is in the content of the material. They both speak on how women are often viewed by others and the demands that are expected them. Sister Flower and the wife both belonged to the same class of people however, on, different levels. Sister Flowers may not have acquired formal education but was able to recognize that intelligence goes way beyond a school setting. The wife appears to have received some formal education, however she is looking for a supporter so that she can return to school and proceed with her education. The women in these essay recognize the possibilities that are available after becoming educated and long to become educated whether in a formal school setting or through the power of reading a book and acquiring self-taught knowledge.
The differences in the essays were in the style in which the essays were written. Sister Flowers appeared to be written in a narrative form and I Want a Wife appears to be more descriptive. Sister Flowers has various phrases within the essay that are of a different dialect that can be associated with people who may have a Southern drawl. The tone in Sister Flowers is passive, yet authoritative, clearly stating her point of view and making it known. I Want a Wife is written in formal language not using any form of slang or broken dialect. The tone in this essay is aggressive, very straight forward and direct with stating its purpose and making it clear to the reader what the main character’s needs are. The tone is this essay could be taken in an offensive manner as it does not truly speak about a woman as being a partner but that of a slave, maid or nanny. This essay has a hidden message that clearly shares the desire of wife looking for freedom and her way of doing so is by furthering her education.
In my opinion both, essays...

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