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Silent Spring Essay

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How does the author of the following extracts use language to convey changes and contrasts in mood and meaning?Within the extracts of Rachel Carson's first chapter of Silent Spring she uses a variety of language techniques to convey the contrasts of the two different scenes.To begin with the majority of her sentence structures are long ones that contain formal and complex words, for instance 'prosperous' and 'moribund'. Some sentences include the use of the semi-colon where she has emphasised a certain point, for example in the fourth paragraph '… there was now no sound; only silence …' here she emphasises the silence by using an echo and the semi-colon. By doing this, the reader is most likely to find that section ...view middle of the document...

In the first two paragraphs she repeats how beautiful and vigorous the town is no matter the seasons by describing the different types of beauty, notably '…in spring, white clouds of bloom drifted above the green fields.' and 'Even in winter the roadsides were places of beauty, …'. Here her skill of imagery is shown in a good way with vibrant descriptions. This skill is used again to give you an idea of how the once beautiful and vigorous town has now become a land of emptiness 'Everywhere was a shadow of death' this sentence may be thought of as being cliché, despite this it is a description that everyone is familiar with and fully understands and fulfils its purpose in the text.Moving on, in the third paragraph Carson has used alliterative phrases for example 'mysterious maladies' and 'sheep sickened' to show emphasis of the destruction.The mood and meaning of the piece shows that Carson wanted to convey the significance of how something can cause devastation, she has emphasised these well with her chosen language techniques.Regarding the chapter title 'A Fable for Tomorrow', it is an interesting one, as it signifies this is a story about tomorrow, however in Carson's extracts it shows how quickly devastation can happen from one simple incident, not will happen, and therefore it is a story that could easily take place tomorrow. More importantly instead of simply using the word 'story' in the title, Carson has used the word 'fable'; this indicates her piece is a tale to teach a moral lesson. The chapter title is very fitting when compared to the extracts.BibliographyThe Open University 2005, An Introduction to the Humanities, Preparatory Book A103, Milton Keynes Open University

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