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Significant Event Essay

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Significant Event- Draft
Week 4 – Assignment 1.1
PSY 105

My most significant event would have to be the passing of my Uncle. He was 40 years old and died 2 months before my 20th birthday. It was early morning and he had seizures. He was rushed to the hospital and he was on life support for 8 years. His heart was beating for a full 24 hours after his brain had stopped working. The man was a fighter. He was a Software Engineer. He loved what he did and passed that love on to me. He taught me a lot of life lessons and how to be a good women to not only my family but others around me.
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Family is the one that is going to put up with you for the rest of your life.
I believe that the role my Uncle had on me and my personality is a very strong role. As I have said in previous paragraphs that he has taught me everything I know. I have the same personality he did. We are both very open people and willing to take charge and make a difference in someone else’s life. We both have a huge heart and want to help people before we help ourselves, but when it came to family they were always first. I was always taught to be a great person and help anyone, anytime they need no matter what the situation is. I believe the passing away of my Uncle helped me realize that not every good thing last forever to take advantage of what you have which gave me the live my life to the fullest attitude and personality.
Well at first this was a very hard thing to deal with I thought my life might come tumbling down. I started acting out in class not doing my school work. I was causing problems at home and always staying in some kind of trouble. I then realized that...

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