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Significance Study Of Factors Affect The Academic Performance Of Selected Working Student

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Internet is a technology that is no need to be introduced. It is a very useful technology. Using the internet, we can search for information. It can be use for studies. Today, it help a lot of students to do their job and homework. The internet help student to find information easily and fast. Student just onlysearch on search engine such as Google Search or Yahoo Search. Lots of informationcan be find to help the student in studying or do their homework. The concept of the internet make the learning process more interactive and fun. The word multimedia itself means multiple media that can be include such as video,audio, picture, and animation. This combination can be use in education. Whenstudents browsing the internet, they will found that the website or web portal thatthey browse has a multimedia element. Information can be understand easily. It canalso be ...view middle of the document...

The internet also help the teacher a lot. Using the website or blog, theteacher can give the publish the homework or todays lesson on their blog. Teachercan use the easy and ready made, free blog such as Blogspot or Multiply. So if thestudents are absent in class, he / she can view the teachers blog for todays lessonand homework. If they have any problem or question to ask, they can use the forumcolumn to discuss and exchange ideas. So this will make the learning process willbecome easier and improve their studies. The internet also let the students to be creative in studies. If they are havingproblem in studies or too afraid to ask their teacher about the studies, they can lookfor the information using the internet. The internet is a large and wide medium. Sothe students can choose for what they want and what really suited with theirstudies. This will make them to be more creative and yet improve their studies. The internet is a very useful technology. The students should use thistechnology wisely. Its capability will let the students to enhanced their studies, to bemore creative, and expand their knowledge besides letting them to interact witheach other. Combining all these benefits will help to improve the students studies

“I began using the Internet in my teaching practices because...,” was that it offered studentsmore resources. Other common responses were that it offered students easier access toinformation, that it motivated students to perform at a higher level, and that it providedcurrent information. In addition to these high-frequency responses, several other reasonswere mentioned. The opportunity for sharing with others around the globe, the fact thatstudents would need Internet skills in the workplace, and the inservice training they hadreceived were all factors that motivated some teachers. Individual teachers also mentionedthat the Internet shifts responsibility for learning to the student, and that it offers access toexperts. A special education teacher noted that Internet activities were effective withlearners with special needs

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