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Significance Of English Language In The Field Of Advertising

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We are living in an era of knowledge explosion in which advertising seems to be an
indispensable building block of the media. Many young people want to enter this field because
it provides an opportunity to exercise their latent creative talent. The opportunities that the
profession offers are more varied and creatively more challenging in a wider sense of the term.
'Creative' - according to the Oxford dictionary means "Creating; able to create; inventive;
imaginative; showing imagination as well as native skill". In advertising one has a diverse
range of jobs to choose from, to suit one's inclination, talent and personality. And advertising is
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A career in advertisement is quite alluring and at the same time challenging with
more and more agencies opening up every day. Advertising is one of the aspects of mass
communication. Advertising is actually brand-building through effective communication and is
essentially a service industry. It helps to create demand, promote marketing system and boost
economic growth. Thus advertising forms the basis of marketing. Most advertising agencies
recruit candidates with a formal management or advertising/mass communication qualification.
Preference is given for MBA's for posts in the market research, client servicing and media
planning departments. In the creative department, on the other hand, a general BA with a
command of the language of communication plus knowledge of designing packages like
Photoshop, coral draw or fine arts is the requirement. Basic qualities like creativity and flair for
writing or ability to translate ideas into a visual format are required for making a successful
career in this field. They should have insight into the interests of people from all walks of life,
ability to work as part of team, mental and physical toughness to be able to withstand high
pressure and criticism, must be sociable and have calm temperament. Market and media
researchers should have an analytical and logical brain. Those in creative field should possess
artistic abilities to make the ad appealing to the masses.

Advertising field offers a range of lucrative, interesting careers. The job in this
field is categorised into two, executive and creative. Executive side includes Client Servicing,
Market Research and Media Research. Creative side consists of copywriters, scriptwriters,
visualisers, photographers and typographers. This paper focuses on the Creative department. The
Creative Department designs and conceptualizes the advertisement. This consists of copywriting
department and art department. Copywriting department works on text for the ad and themes for
campaign. Art department visualises the campaign.

The Copywriter evolves a theme for the campaign and provides the text for
advertisements. He is responsible for making the ad look attractive and delivering the message
to the point. They work out the campaign slogan, jingles, scripts and promotional literature of the
product or service as well as proposals, concept notes and film treatments. Copywriters need to
have a flair for writing backed up by the knowledge of advertising and oral communication
skills, to become successful. They also need to have skill in analysing clients' needs, and
research skills for finding out about the products and services they are helping to sell. Problem-
solving and time-management skills are important.

Advertising is designed to offer people ideas, goods, or services and it persuades

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