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Siebel Assignment 1 0005 Sec B

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SIEBEL SYSTEMS: ANATOMY OF A SALE What are the positives and negatives of Gregg Carman’s performance in gaining an entry into Quick & Reilly? In view of this, would you rate his performance favorably? Going forward what is most potent threat that could jeopardize Carman’s plan? Justify your answers using case facts. Siebel Systems was formed with the dual objective of being a high technology enabler focused entirely on customer satisfaction with enduring values. The company was part of the tipping point of IT being a back end function to a growth driver. It captured the most crucial aspect of this evolution, that of enabling a firm to reach out to its customers when and where the customers ...view middle of the document...

Further Carman was fairly accurate in his assessment of the opportunity; he concludes the sale was his to lose. The fact that Q & R were acquired by FleetBoston, a long time Siebel customer should have been signal enough for Carman to go for the kill so to say. He did right in not directly comparing Siebel with competition but first guiding the executives to a demo run. This move enabled him to study the interest that Q&R executives had for Siebel products and how it needed to be pitched. His lack of attention to the most important question that of how big a system Q&R will need is definitely a negative on Carman’s part. Given that the potential customer was willing to talk details he should have been more attentive in garnering details of their needs. This is essentially the first step in the TAS framework, where the salesperson needs to identify the project need of customer. His mistake was in not finding out the current structure of sales process in Q&R and the reason their executives were at the trade show in the first place. The second mistake he did was in not sharing the research report he possessed, something that would have helped the customer understand the different products in the CRM domain that were offered and why Siebel was the best in this space. The dictate at Siebel was to understand the customer’s problem and work with them to give the customer superior value add service at a satisfaction level beyond expectation. Sharing the report would have served two purpose- stake his claim at pitching for a meet with the IT team and understanding their needs and reinforcing Siebel’s standing in the eyes of the customers. He was also wrong in not enquiring about the financial health of Q&R. The executives themselves had initiated the conversation of how it was to work as part of FleetBoston, he had the perfect opening to enquire about the acquisition and how Q&R processes

were mapped at present. He could also have given his understanding of FleetBoston budget approval structure and found out Q&R’s current structure. This would have helped him evolve his competitive strategy to get the sale itself. Lastly he did not take the...

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