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Sick Leave Essay

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Critical Thinking 5

Sick Leave

Understanding the cultural differences and being able to properly negotiate through those, differences would be key for Kelly to obtain the desired results of being paid her sick time instead of having to use vacation days. Though Kelly followed all the correct policies when it came to requesting her sick time, the traditional Japanese culture was interfering with the terms of the contract. At this point of the arrangement Kelly needs to think before elevating this issue to a higher level as this could reflect negatively for the remainder of her stay in Japan. Mr. Higashi portrays and upholds all the traditional Japanese work ethics. Kelly ...view middle of the document...

He perceives a sense of laziness and being taken advantage of by the ATLs, especially when they were all sick at the same time.
The contract is the tangible item in this negotiation to get paid sick time instead of personal time. Kelly went above and beyond to follow the agreement given that she had a doctor’s note after two days being out even though the contract allowed three. She followed Mr. Higashi request and returned with a physician note. Kelly, through an arranged meeting would be able to discuss the terms of the contract and remind Mr. Higashi that he must honor the terms of the contract regardless if this was perceived as disrespectful to the employers. Kelly could negotiate with Mr. Higashi that not following the terms of the contract is a breech and is viewed disrespectful if this issue had to be elevated to another level to be resolved. It is extremely important for Mr. Higashi to save face in the Japanese culture and show loyalty to the company.
The intangible factors are the perceptions and differences between the ATLs and Mr. Higashi. The ATLs all come from different cultures that support and even promote a balanced work-life. However, the Japanese culture never wants to shame or dishonor themselves or their employer. The ATLs, given their age and lack of negotiation skills, focused more on what they perceived as negative and poor leadership of Mr. Higashi without truly trying to be more compromising to the Japanese ways while staying in their country. Mr. Higashi...

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