Siberian Tiger Research Paper

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Siberian Tiger

I. Introduction
a. How I Became Interested
b. Threats
c. Groups Helping
d. Chances of Survival

II. History
a. Name
b. Habitat
c. Stages of Life/Behavior

III. Characteristics
a. Physical Features
b. Reproduction/Mating
c. Population Trends

IV. Challenges and Threats
a. Poachers
b. Natural Threats
c. Human Activity

V. Outlook
a. Things Being Done To Conserve
b. Groups Working On It and Challenges They Face
c. What Can You Do To Help

VI. Summary
d. Is This Animal Expected To Survive
e. What Are the Chances
f. Remainder of remaining population

On July 28, 2002, my family and I visited the Houston Zoo. As we walked ...view middle of the document...

Even during the cold climate in the winter, the tiger is very active.” ( They live in a forest of trees and bushes, but prefer areas with tall grass for hunting ( “They prefer to hunt during the night. They do this because it is easier for them to sneak up on their prey and pounce on them.” ( The enormous cat can run up to fifty miles an hour but only for very short distances ( “Only about one in every ten attempts to kill prey is successful. Tigers' powerful jaws and weight help pull the animal down. It kills the prey by biting the prey's neck breaking it or suffocating it. They mainly hunt wild boar, elk and deer, but if food is short, they will eat pretty much anything.” ( Siberian tigers are [impressive] creatures ( “To survive winter the tiger has fine but long fur and a layer of fat that allows it to stand the bitter cold. The coat is lighter in color than other tigers and it has large paws which act rather like snow shoes.” ( “Their coat is striped, yellow-orange in color and has white on its tail, underside, back and legs. The males have [a long, colorful, or bushy] fur around their cheeks.” ( The tiger is typically… about 107–110 cm [42–43 in] tall (Heptner & Sludskii 177). The largest tiger… a real giant and can grow to ten feet long and weigh eight hundred pounds (Montgomery & Briggs 17). “Males are about 700lbs and about ten feet long from nose to tail. Females on the other hand weigh about 450lbs and average a length of eight feet.” ( Like a household cat, the tigers have retractable claws so they stay sharp… ( In the wild, the tigers live for about fifteen years, but in captivity they live longer, to about twenty-five years ( “Siberian tigers are usually solitaire animals except when mating… The female lets the males know that she is ready to mate by making certain roars and leaving specific sent markings around her territory. Mating season lasts from the beginning of December through the end of January, but tigers only mate for three to seven days before they part. After mating the female will usually attack her partner, driving him away… After a gestation period of three and a half months, a litter of about two to four cubs are born in the early spring, but usually only one or two survives. The cubs are born blind, toothless and are about the size of a house cat.” ( There are many threats that contribute to the endangerment of the tigers. The main threats are poaching, habitat loss and isolation. “They are killed for their parts. China and Taiwan believe that tiger parts hold cures for many...

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