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Siamese Twins Essay

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Siamese twin is a popular term known for conjoined twins. They are identical twins, also known as monozygotic twins because in a way they share the same zygote, born with bodies joined together at some part with each other, either by the chest, abdomen or by heads, or other parts (could have many variations). A conjoined twin is a result of late twinning which is believed to occur more than twelve days after fertilization of the egg. This leads to the incomplete separation of embryos or in other words, the incomplete division of one fertilized ovum. So, wherever the embryos stop dividing, is where the twins’ bodies are united, connected by the same body part. This may be due to factors ...view middle of the document...

Also, their English teacher questions, “Are they going to be hired as one, or as two? Are they going to be able to share their salaries?”. As the society continues to question, they are surprised to see the twins do everything what normal teenage girls do, like they each have their own driver’s licence. They study at a regular college, have a job, and play sports. Now that these girls are 18 years old, the news is roaming around that Brittany Hensel is engaged and the other half Abby is not so, the question that arises is what about “mating”? As both the twins want to get married separately, will they have two husbands?, and is that ethical under the law because these twins are two woman in one body. Due to the fact, that the girls only have one female organ, if they have babies, whose baby would it be called, Abby or Brittany? As society keeps on questioning their way of life, Abby and Brittany Hensel continue to live a healthy, normal life, letting the time decide what happens to their future.
Today, doctors could surgically separate the conjoined twins, but is it ethical? Some people consider it unethical because it involves the death or the disability of one of the twins to save the other. So, if one of the conjoined twins dies, is it ethical for both of them to die or just one? Is it justifiable to sacrifice one life to save the other? Parents are burdened with these moral and ethical issues concerning their beloved children. If the conjoined twins are not separated, they have more risk of dying because of the complexity of their bodies, is that ethical? They are no clear answers to this, I guess it depends on the parents’ choice, but I believe the final decision is approached by the courts as to protect the rights of the twins, and to ensure that surgical intervention is not an unlawful act.
Therefore, there are many social and ethical implications about conjoined twins with no absolute, conclusive answer.
The Prestigator. (2009). Conjoined Twins: What Would You Do As a Parent?. Retrieved October 14, 2010, from
Summary: It an opinion- based article about social and ethical implication on conjoined twins, how parents would deal with the ethical issue. It gives both points of view of doing the surgical separation on conjoined...

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