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Shyness And The Environment Essay

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Shyness and the Environment
Talking to others is a relatively easy thing to do, but it can become difficult when you are shy. When a person is shy, it can have a deep impact on how he or she interacts socially and how situations with others are dealt with. A person that is shy will also have trouble when trying to form their identity since that person will try to copy others in order to fit in.
The environment can affect whether a person is shy or not by physical and social means. When the physical aspects of a person, such as the way they look, affect the way they are treated on a social level, then that person may have the tendency to be shy around other people. Bullying can be a big problem especially for teenagers since they focus more on how others see them.
On a social level, the environment can be very harsh. Children and even adults form their own groups and tend to ...view middle of the document...

” (Hendricks, 2014) Along with this, there has been a discovery of a DRD4 gene. “The DRD4 gene codes for a protein that binds dopamine, another chemical messenger that has powerful effects in the brain.” (Hendricks, 2014)
In order to find out how shyness is affected by the environment, I would create a controlled experiment. The experiment would encompass several age groups, from children to adults, in many different family environments. The information gathered from each person would include their race, age, physical attributes, certain personality traits, family background, and current family situation. With all of these factors gathered, I would observe through journal entries how they handle their interactions with other people. I would ask every participant to record their thoughts, feelings, and whether or not they thought the interaction went well. Through this I would hope to identify how much the social environment plays a part and whether the physical part may be hereditary.
Although shyness can be a problem, it does not always have to be. For someone who does not have any reason to stick up for themselves, they can remain shy through adulthood and their job could be affected. For a person who has a family, it is easier to come out of your shell for important matters. In my case, I was shy all through my school years and even in the Navy. When I had my first son, I realized that being afraid to talk to a doctor on the phone would not hurt me but my son, so I got over it. Now when I had to register my son for kindergarten, I did it without hesitation. It may have taken a few years, but my shyness has decreased and it was also through the different environment I was placed in. The right environment can create shyness and another can help to control it.

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