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Shy? You Don’t Have To Be

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In one-way or another, we are all shy in some aspect. You can deny it as much as you please, but the truth prevails when you put in a certain situation. Alison Bell reported 40 percent of Americans confess to being shy, but 80 percent have some tendencies. Some often ask when do we qualify? However it ends up that in many circumstances prove that one may be shy inside. There are reasons for people to be shy however.A bad self-image of yourself may in fact be the main trigger to your shyness. People like that carry this "negative picture" in fear they may be rejected. The confidence is not there when people most need it. However this may be rooted ...view middle of the document...

A third happen to be shy. Nevertheless, there are ways to cast aside shyness.So what are the ways to rid shyness? There is no actual cure to do so, but you can remove some, a little at a time. First you must make a conscious effort. To begin drop all negative thoughts, look positive instead if you can't handle it. Prepare yourself for encounters when being shy. Set goals; establish them to make goals concrete. But don't just forget out the outside world, you can watch them and observe. Most of all, one must not forget to relax! Everyone may be going through the same thing you are. Trust all your impulses. Confide with others you know that may be exactly like you. Just don't cut things short, "it takes two to talk." It's a long process, but work your way through it. "There is nothing to shy away from." I believe this article tells everything and anything one can to do get rid shyness. It has detailed steps that I restated. For me, I can understand what people are going through because for one I am occasionally shy. I have lost my shyness as I have aged. It sometimes takes away some of your life, not living it up to the fullest possible. It is not an easy life for all those who hide from the world. It is good that people like Alison Bell are writing articles that people like me may read. They are able to do so in the security of their home, making sure no one else is able to sense their insecurity. Then maybe some day they will be ready to enter the world again, stronger than yesterday.Bell, Alison, "Shy? You don't have to be." Teen August 1996: 3.

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