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Shoulder Surgery Essay

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I remember laying in a bed at the hospital while all these doctors came in at various times to do things with me. That’s what you get when you need surgery. I was in there to have my shoulder repaired. The tragic accidents continuously replay in my mind while I mindlessly lay in the bed. Surgery is unforgettable, terrifying, and painful..

Everyone probably remembers playing badminton in high school gym class. It was more to me than just another class activity. It was a game that changed my life. One day we were playing it and I went up to hit the birdie and “pop”. I suddenly drop to the ground. The pain from my shoulder dislocating was unbearable. I finally stand up and somehow I am capable of getting my shoulder back in. But I was unable to move it without screaming out ...view middle of the document...

Therefore we did choose to have it done for me. Weeks later I show up to the hospital at 6:45 am. The nurses help get me changed and the iv in my arm. I can’t even remember how many different doctors came into my room to talk to me about various things. Right before my surgery was scheduled to begin they wheeled me to a different room and I was given a shot in the neck to numb my whole right arm and shoulder. That was probably the most terrifying thing I went through while awake that morning. Next I was finally wheeled to my procedure room and shifted to change beds. Last thing I remember is having them tell me to count back from ten and within 3 seconds I was asleep. The surgery may have been over but the long journey to recovery was just beginning.

The night of my surgery was a memorable one. The numbing shot that was put into my neck was starting to wear off and I could finally move my right arm again. It was nice not having a dead arm anymore but the pain was starting to set in then too. I stayed off of school for 3 days until I had to return. I remember walking down the hallway my first week back, this guy walks past me and rams into my right shoulder. I had a sling on too so he should have known. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced during this. Also they operated on my right shoulder. Therefore writing was extremely difficult for me during the last couple weeks of school. Physical therapy filled up a lot of my time the 4 weeks after the surgery.
At the end of the day I’m glad I went through with the surgery and 2 years later my shoulder is still going strong. Although the doctor told me that since I’m a rather flexible person, it is possible that I will need to have the surgery again later in life. Badminton is a fun game to play. But I will never be able to play it again without fear in my eyes.

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