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Should Women Box Essay

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Sports are one of the most important parts in the lives of people. Sports help people relax, keep fit even they can earn lot of money if they play as professional athletes. Besides that, there are some arguments about some kind of sport unsuitable for women to play such as boxing or material arts because people think they are violence and not feminine. However, there are also some people especially women are disagree with that attitude. This essay will show several strong arguments in favor of women should be allow to play boxing and material arts.

The most common argument not allowed women to box because boxing is unhealthy and can cause some health problems and ...view middle of the document...

The action of allow women’s boxing happened in London 2012 will push the motivation of women on over the world to join more sports so called ”men’s sports” .” This is not a matter of men looking for some weird sexual thrill; it is women supporting women athletes” ‘Women become the main event’ (Bierck 1997, p. 7). Therefore women can play every kind of sport they want including boxing or material arts and this is the chance for women to “show case their talent” (BBC sport 2009).

The second reason women were supported to play boxing and material arts is tradition. In some countries especially Asian countries such as China and Japan, there are several material arts were created for women and they had used them for thousand years to protect themselves and become strength. Moreover, even Olympic Games are also have sportswomen; according to Sue Tibballs(cited in BBC sport 2009) “women were first allowed to compete in the Olympic stadium in 1992-90 years on” it means that women had played sports nearly 100 years and now based on the tradition women have right to choose their sport. In addition, sportswomen not only make females become stronger but also make their country proud because of their...

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