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A recent subject that has been up for hot debate is that should NCAA Student Athletes be paid or not. I will start with the NCAA reasoning on why not to, and switch to the Student Athletes point of view. The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that is used as a control for all college athletics. If you are skilled enough to play Division I you can be offered a Scholarship to go to the school that offered the scholarship for free, or for however much the scholarship is worth. The NCAA believes that this is payment enough for the Student Athletes, and should suffice for the players offering their services to generate revenue for their school. Not only does the School provide free or discounted education to these Student Athletes, but it also offers the number one recruiting ground for professional sports (NFL & NBA). Even with all of ...view middle of the document...

First off, NCAA division I football nationally generates 12 billion dollars a year. That’s like taking the top grossing films of the last 15 years. Combine them, and don’t pay the movie stars a penny. The NCAA basketball March Madness tournament alone makes $800 million. The players also argue that they are more than just Student Athletes. Turn on ESPN on a Tuesday night and you could see a Basketball team from California playing in Florida. Alaska Hockey teams travel to away series for two weekends in a row without returning. They leave on a Wednesday and won’t return until the Sunday of the following week. All that travel and time missed in the classroom and they don’t see a dime. In the documentary “Schooled” which discusses the problems of not paying athletes to play, Arian Foster who is now an all-star running back for the Houston Texans recalled that when he was in school he and his teammates would beg the coach to buy them food because they had no money. The coach did even though that is an NCAA violation that could revoke their scholarships. Another example is I have a friend who plays Hockey for The University of Nebraska-Omaha which is Division I. While at practice one day someone broke into the locker room and stole his watch. It was around a $300 watch, so it meant a great deal to this player. The coach was upset they couldn’t catch the culprit that he went out and spent his own money on a new watch for the player because he said he felt guilty that someone stole one of his player’s items out of his locker room. Well, as you probably know where this is going, the NCAA was tipped off and gave both the player and coach 5 game suspensions. I don’t believe that they should pay the students because they are paying them in a free education. But, I do think they should find a solution to the many issues circling this debate. I don’t have the answers for a solution, but I do hope sometime in the near future someone comes up with one.

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