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Should We Choose Prolife Essay

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Ok, heads I live, tails, I die. 50% chance. That’s what most children from unwanted pregnancies face. A fifty percent chance to be born. What’s the other choice? Death by abortion. For years, America and the world has been split in two by the controversial topic of abortion. In 1973, the United States Supreme Court allowed the killing of innocent children to become legal. Children like me, who were unwanted. Children who might not have been born.
In 1973, with the Roe v. Wade decision, the United States turned its back on the unborn child. Abortions are performed across the United States in many different clinics. On average, every woman has one abortion in her life. There are at least 46 ...view middle of the document...

If the fetus is not alive, how can it be growing? In order to grow, the object in question must be alive. If the child is not a baby, why then, does it suck its thumb?
When abortion first became available to the public, many people supported it because they were falsely told that abortions were only performed in extreme cases, when the mother and baby’s health were in danger or because of rape or incest. The truth, which people later found out, is only one percent of all abortions are performed because of rape or incest and only six percent because of health reasons. Ninety-three percent of all abortions are for personal reasons. African-American women are three times more likely to have an abortion, while Hispanic women are two times more likely to have abortions than Caucasian women. One reason for these statistics is socio-economical factors, such as lack of education and low-income levels.
Abortion is wrong for many reasons. The major one is the fact that every time an abortion is performed, another child, another human, who could change the future and make the world a better place, is killed. Abortion has a negative effect on society as a whole. When we allow the killing of unborn children, we become desensitized...

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