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Should Video Gaming Be Classed As A Sport

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Should Video Games be Classified as Sports?

As the title says, chess is a sport. It requires strategy, is played worldwide, and is a competitive game. Those same principals can, and are - applied to video games. In my personal opinion, gaming takes much more mental prowess than say chess. You have to learn how your opponents play, you have to practice, and you have to understand the rules of each game - and how each game works. Unlike other sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, and etc. - gaming is not focused on one specific game. There are hundreds upon hundreds of individual games, all with completely different styles and methods of playing. From FPS' to RTS', both that are ...view middle of the document...

In addition to this, some video games, such as those found on the Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move can demand 'physical exertion' of which involves the entirety of the player's body, to the extent that the video game can even be considered a form of exercise, and even more so as new technology brings more effective and realistic exercise simulators. Also, since the dawn of video games we have always known that 99.9% of Video Games do require at least some element of skill to play the game. They are NOT just something to pass the time, like watching T.V. Or listening to music which require NO SKILL. Video games include objectives which the player needs to overcome. Once overcome, the player usually receives a reward for doing so, such as an achievement, trophy or unlockable content. Finally, there is no doubt that video gaming can be an individual or group activity, with some players enjoying a story or honing their competitive skills on their own, and other players...

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