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Should Vaccination Be Given To Children

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Should a child be vaccinated?
Should a child be vaccinated?

Paul Kim
Period 8

There is nothing worse than seeing an adolescent life being taken away from a dangerous disease. It is really painful knowing that person will never get to live to see their full potential and experience life. Diseases cause many deaths every year, it is inevitable. Bacteria are contained in every disease and one way it is absorbed is by being inhaled by the people, which will infect the body as a whole. It is really simple in that bacteria will continue to live freely and happily while the host will have to suffer the effects of it. Some diseases are caused by viruses. A virus is basically a non-living ...view middle of the document...

A common case is a simple ear infection can turn into meningitis. Meningitis can be cured with vaccinations and medicine, but in some cases, people will still suffer from permanent damage which can be frequent headaches, verbal mistakes and neck/back pain. Pediatric health offices all around the world have been reported in 2011, “20 million visits with a vaccine preventable related ear infection” “Pneumococcal Disease”. In children alone, there are at least 200 deaths per year from just ear infections alone. 200 deaths per year is a lot considering the fact that these lives were infants and children under the age of five. One reason these numbers aren’t higher is the fact that everyone is required to take immunizations. If immunization wasn’t required, children would go to school sneezing and coughing on each other, which would result in an increased chance of infection. The bacteria and virus diseases will spread to other children because it’s airborne and can be inhaled by any child, and then other children will be sick.
Infections can hit everyone but it is most deadly to children. This is because children are at their weakest stage of life. During adolescent, the immune system hasn’t been given the chance expose to any foreign diseases. This will lead to it trying to defeat diseases/viruses it has never encountered before. After the infection is over the immune system gains the knowledge on how to fight this kind of disease. There are many different diseases in this world. Vaccines should be mandatory because immigrants from other countries can bring extremely harmful pathogens to the U.S which will spread to us. Throughout history Polio vaccination was mandatory. Many people questioned why a disease like Polio would be mandatory even though it is not a common disease. To answer this, diseases out of our country are more dangerous and should be taken caution of. Bacteria and viruses are extremely contagious, which is the reason why diseases such as those should be vaccinated as soon as possible. However, if it wasn’t mandatory, infection could take over and spread at a substantial rate. According to the article “Despite Concerns…”, “in 2011, 90% of American children got vaccinated”. 10% of children received some form of exemption. 10% of the nation’s children, ages zero to five, are 2,300,000. Across the country, there are two million children who could potentially get infected, making transmission a lot more likely. Children, if anything, should always get vaccinated to act as a safety net in case the child comes into contact with a disease. There are...

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